RESIDENT SPEAK: Bloom of Amaltas flowers enhances beauty of Dwarka

By PK Datta
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 04, 2018

A resident of Sector 19, PK Datta, said: The sunshine of these days is enhancing the beauty of bright yellow petals of Amaltas in Dwarka. It is looking golden with sun light on them especially in the period of Akshay Tritiya. It is reminding every lady to buy her piece of gold jewellery with a design of beautiful lobes of Amaltas.

Dwarka holds its head high with pride because it has plenty of Amaltas which is also known as Golden Shower. It can be seen at different places including public parks and different roads. We thank Horticulture Department for creating a full stretch of 1.8 km road on both sides with a huge number of 212 Amaltas trees on it.

It casts their golden spell on everybody in Sector 6 from Godrej crossing, Indraprastha School to the lane of Rashtrapati Bhawan Society. The majority of flowers are in full bloom barring a few ones which are dead due to our callousness.

There is a road which has almost two-inch thick layer of fallen golden leaves of Amaltas. With so many of leaves on the road, you will be forced to think that the trees must be bereft of leaves. But, when you look at the trees, you will see a cluster of flowers. The beauty of the place will also encourage you to take a walk along the road.

The Amaltas blooms from April to June. It holds many medicinal benefits for mankind.  It is used for chronic constipation, skin diseases and inflammations.

Trading under the barter system which is prevalent amongst trees and insects, Amaltas provides a safe haven to ants. Ants reciprocate by breathing out carbon dioxide which is necessary for the plants.

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