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Dwarka: People condemn CGGS’s encroachment of footpaths for visitor parking

Posted: May 04, 2018     By Akhilesh Pandey

The dearth of parking spaces has started to create problems in the national capital. These days, most of the cooperative societies in Dwarka are not allowing visitors to park their vehicles inside these days. You can easily spot the boards with a message that visitors should park their vehicles outside.

In case, someone is not able to read the message, the guards at the societies remind them to park their vehicles outside. The societies are even doing encroachment of the space on the footpaths for making designated parking space for visitors.

The encroachment by societies is increasing day by day and this can be easily seen while moving in Dwarka. People expressed their concerns on this.

SN Sharma, a resident of Sector 4, said, “Now, this has become a trend and every society managements try to save the parking space inside the society. Instead, they use the pedestrian space for visitor parking. They do it because this is easier and no authority takes it into concern.”

Such encroachment of footpaths is so organised that the societies have made ramps too to help the vehicles to climb on the footpaths. The subject has become serious. Even, the green areas on footpaths have also been converted into parking.

Secretary of Federation of CGHS, Dwarka, V Selvarajan said to City Spidey, “Such practice is wrong and it should be checked. Managing Committees of the societies should take it seriously and provide parking spaces inside the societies.”

“Usually, the number of cars in the societies is greater than the parking slots. So, naturally, space would be an issue. In these types of condition, managements prefer arranging parking space outside to avoid any chaos inside,” Selvarajan further said.

People are raising their voices against such practice in public forums. Also, the subject has become a topic of discussion on Whatsapp groups. President of Dwarka Forum, Rejimon CK has also been raising the issue at various platforms and with various authorities.

“How one can find a solution? I think, all CGHS who have got open parking should now go for new multi-level automated parking as done at Transport Bhawan opposite to Parliament. Also, any resident with more than one car must be discouraged with higher parking rates based on size and insurance value of vehicle. Increase it multiple times for 2nd and 3rd vehicles.” Rejimon said.

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