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DTP’s top-floor office could soon have a pool, and floating files...

Posted: May 05, 2018     By City Spidey

After having to contend with mob ire, the district town planning (DTP) department is facing a rather peculiar challenge — the leaking roof of its office building, which can collapse anytime, has become a threat to both important government files and lives of the officers.  

The office building belongs to HUDA, and the DTP department own the top floor. The ground-plus three-floor building was built 30 years ago, and its condition has deteriorated rapidly in the past five years.

DTP officials had written to the HUDA to repair the top floor in January, but nothing happened.

The condition of the roof and walls, toilets, floors, is greatly damaged.

Rajender T Sharma, an officer of the enforcement team, said, “It has become very dangerous to work here at the top floor. For the last 15 days, water from the rooftop tanks has been leaking through the perforated roof to the office. It keeps dripping on tables, almirahs, shelves, and on the floor. We can do nothing to protect the thousands of important official files.”

DTP enforcement officials have stopped using the washroom; put plastic sheets on files over almirahs, and have removed many files from the dilapidated rooms.

One shower and, many feel, the office could potentially turn into a swimming pool.

“The ceiling has developed cracks. The HUDA appointed a contractor to repair the floor and roof a month ago. The contractor worked on the roof for three days and left suddenly. The two rooftop tanks often overflow, causing waterlogging on the roof, which leads to water to drip constantly through the roof,” said a staff member.

On Wednesday, after the matter was discussed again with HUDA administrator Chander Shekhar Khare a warning was sent to the contractor.

Bhup Singh, HUDA executive engineer, said, “We have asked the contractor to repair the floor within a month to avoid action.”

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