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Noida participates in cleanliness survey after long wait, anticipates good rank

Posted: May 05, 2018     By Mukhram Singh

The high-tech city of Uttar Pradesh, Noida, has finally participated in the cleanliness survey. But, it is very difficult to say whether Noida will be successful in getting good rank in the survey. The reports are expected to come in next ten days.

Noida authority is very hopeful of getting good rank in the cleanliness survey. But, some of the officials are also worried that if Noida doesn’t get good rank in the survey then many questions would be raised on the administration of the city.

Noida Authority has participated in cleanliness survey for the first time in the year. When the survey team visited city a few days back, the Noida Authority had shared all the details of the plans. But, the response of people was very bad during the survey.

There is no doubt that Noida Authority has better future planning for cleanliness in the city. But, they also lack pieces of evidence to showcase the present state of cleanliness in the city.

Raghunandan Yadav, a health official of authority, said that the report may come by May 15. He said that Noida Authority has been participating in the cleanliness survey in the last 3-4 months. He expressed hope that Noida will be successful in getting a good rank.

“A high level of awareness towards cleanliness is expected from the residents of the high-tech city. But, it is sad that people lack that kind of awareness and they are also indifferent towards it,” added Yadav.

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