Father writes to HRD ministry against cruelty at Bal Bharti
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Father writes to HRD ministry against cruelty at Bal Bharti

His four-year-old daughter was pinched hard on the hand, leaving a nail mark. The school principal instead of acting against the teacher blamed the four-year-old for her complaining attitude!

Father writes to HRD ministry against cruelty at Bal Bharti The pic is for representational purpose only

Left with little choice, the father of a four-year-old, a pre-primary student, shot a complaint mail today to the HRD ministry against the class teacher and the school principal of Bal Bharti Public School in Sector 21, Noida. A copy of the complaint has also been sent to UP chief minister’s office.

Sunil Sharma, father of the victim, told City Spidey that he had to resort to this drastic step because the class teacher, Kuldeep Sood, had pinched his daughter’s hand hard to punish her, leaving a nail mark. He said, “This is tantamount to corporal punishment. I also met the school principal on the matter, and she assured me that she’ll take action against the class teacher. But no action has been taken yet, and now they are pointing fingers at the behaviour of a four-year-old!”



The school principal, the father added, sent him a letter to say that his daughter had a complaining nature and was in the habit of bullying other children in the class. “The school principal took no action on my complaint, and changed the section of my daughter instead. The same teacher again slapped my daughter, and now, she does not want to go school anymore. How do we get justice? I had to write to the HRD ministry — if nothing is done still, I’ll write to the prime minister.”

Another parent, Ashwini Verma who was facing issues with school bus, alleged that the school management started threatening him, saying they would stop sending the school bus for his child if he didn’t stop.

Sharma said, “I also complained at a jan sunwayi [public court], where DM BN Singh directed the district education officer to look into the matter. But nothing has happened yet.”

When City Spidey tried to speak to the principal, Asha Prabhakar, to know the school’s version of the incident, she snapped back saying, “I am not sitting here to entertain you media guys and do not ever call me again, as I am not interested in talking to the media at all.”