Tree roots uproot underground pipelines, hit water supply to Dwarka societies
Akhilesh Pandey
Akhilesh Pandey
Tree roots uproot underground pipelines, hit water supply to Dwarka societies A labourer removing a bunch of fine roots from a water pipeline during work
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey, City Spidey
Tree roots uproot underground pipelines, hit water supply to Dwarka societies

Trees or rather the widespread and deep growth of roots of trees has hit water supply to 10 Dwarka residential societies.

Acting on a series of complaints of poor water supply for a long time, the Delhi Jal Board officials reached the spot and dug to look for the problem. And what they found surprised the officials as also the residents.

The underground pipelines that carried water to societies were badly damaged due to the irregular growth of roots of huge trees in the area.

Executive Engineer of DJB, Anil Kumar Sharma told City Spidey that “it was quite surprising that the roots of the trees were found grown thick and wide across the pipes. Even after some roots were removed, more were to be found. Which is why, we cleaned out the whole pipes and new pipelines are being laid. Now once this is over, water supply would become normal.”

After laying the pipeline and cleaning the roots in the stretch, the 10 societies are now getting proper supply of water. Anil Sharma said that the problem can occur anywhere in the society as the tree roots can damage the pipes anywhere.

 “There is sufficient water in Dwarka and there is no chance that a society would not get water. It is due to such tree roots that the problem was created. So, if the supply is getting affected, there could be a problem in the pipeline,” he said.

Now, the officials are ready to believe damage to the pipes can be caused by the roots of the trees.

An environmental expert observed that the planning was all faulty and besides there was lack of coordination between agencies while laying down the pipelines or planting of trees. As a result, this problem had arisen, he said.

PK Sharma an environment expert told City Spidey, “definitely, the roots can damage the water pipelines or something else in the infrastructure. This depends upon the plantation of particular species for the area and in a specific manner so that nothing gets adversely affected. Also, it mattered as to how much the officials and the executing and planning departments and agencies were aware of the situation. The planning must be long term taking into consideration a multitude of factors, he said.



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