A sample compost pit in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad
Photo: Abid Hussain Barlaskar
Indirapuram: Ahinsa Khand 2 residents seek land for compost pits

Posted: May 06, 2018     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

In an effort to manage garbage generated in their societies, residents of Ahinsa Khand 2 in Indirapuram are set to request the district administration and GDA to provide land to set up composting pits.

Residents told City Spidey that they were working towards segregation at source and required land for setting up garbage composting pits.

 Jayati Jain, resident of Cloud 9 and a member of the local Green Team of residents, said that she along with a few other residents had already tried out the process in a small pit near her society. “We initially were sceptical about the plan and thought that it might generate foul smell or invite flies and mosquitoes. But none of this happened and the process is going on since the last three months,” Jain said.

The compost pit before garbage was put in it

“We are planning to do this for individual societies and have got in touch with a Delhi-based agency but they told us that they can only help if we can arrange land. We are also coordinating with all Apartment Owners Association (AoA) in the area. Although it seems difficult, it might work out just fine,” Jain said.

Residents further said that they had initially thought of pits within societies but there is no space.

“The area across the Hindon Pushta Road is now empty after the illegal constructions and stone crushers were removed. And it would be nearest to societies. We can start working there but we need support from the authorities. We would not require any type of construction but only pits. Moreover, there is no expenditure,” Jain further said.

This would be one of the latest attempts of local residents to streamline garbage disposal in the area. Residents have been trying out various methods like home composting, segregation, awareness campaigns, etc. They are now set to approach the authorities in the coming week for permission to set up pits in the area.

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