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Now, get ready to pay for open gyms at parks in Ghaziabad

Posted: May 08, 2018     By Mukhram Singh

The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has given a surprise to the people who were willing to avail services of open gyms at central parks for free. Now, the GDA is mulling to impose fees on open gyms. The fees could range between Rs 10-15 per hour and there will also be a provision for a monthly pass.

The cost of a monthly pass would be between Rs 200 and Rs 300. The GDA will give contracts for the functioning of open gyms and tender for that will be floated this month only. The maintenance of these parks would also be looked after by private agencies.

The GDA officials informed that the cost of setting up of open gyms at central parks was between Rs 20 lakh and Rs 22 lakh. These have been developed on the land of 500 sq m. Astroturfs have been used in such open gyms. 14 machines have been installed on the astroturfs. The gyms have also been surrounded by fences.    

The GDA officials said that the maintenance of these open gyms is necessary and for that contract will be given to private agencies. The agencies will be required to look after the maintenance and cleanliness of the open gyms. They will also be required to provide first-aid treatments to the injured people.

The employees of the agencies will be required to be in uniform with nameplates on duty. The agencies will also be expected to set up ticket counter, notice boards etc.

Children below the age of 12 years will not be allowed inside the open gyms. Ladies will be given a dedicated hour between 4 pm and 5 pm at the open gyms. During this period, no male members will be allowed. The ladies will not be charged during this hour. When they wish to continue, they will have to pay extra charges.

 The GDA has made six open gyms in Ghaziabad and trans-Hindon area. Open gyms have been made at Green Park and Golden Jubilee Park at Indirapuram, Ambedkar Park at Vaishali, Ram Manohar Lohia Park at Rejendra Nagar, Nehru Stadium at Nehrunagar and Central Park in Rajnagar.

Govind Singh, the garden inspector of GDA, said, “Open gyms will be given on contracts. The process to float tender is in progress. Tenders will be floated in May only. Applications will be requested from the interested agencies. After completion of the tender process, open gyms will be given on contracts. Contractors will be collecting per hour fees from people and will also be responsible for maintenance.”

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