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Waste contractor Ecogreen now draws the ire of DLF localities

Posted: May 09, 2018     By City Spidey

Ecogreen Energy Private Limited, MCG-assigned contractor for collecting garbage from door-to-door, has come under fire again — this time from posh DLF localities.

Prior to this, on April 27, RWA members of Sector 14 and Joint Action Federation of Residents’ Association (JAFRA) had met Yashpal Yadav, MCG commissioner, seeking action against Ecogreen.

Residents from across the city have similar complaints against the contractor.

Professor Amita Singh, a resident of DLF Phase III, complained, “Ecogreen men misbehaved with us when we asked them to collect garbage from our doorsteps — they can’t escape their responsibility. Furthermore, they used threatening language when we told them this is their job!”

She added, “I lodged a complaint with the MCG and informed police against the Ecogreen men for using threatening language. We want the MCG to probe the incident.”

Ecogreen vehicles don’t follow any time schedule, and their men do not collect garbage from floors, complained most residents.

Sanjeet Singh, a resident of DLF Phase II, said, “Ecogreen’s work is not good, if you ask me frankly. Their men do not take the stairs to collect garbage from the first and second floors.”

The MCG had hired Ecogreen for better door-to-door garbage collection. But contrary to the expectations, Ecogreen team picks up garbage lying on the road in front of houses, and move ahead without waiting for residents on first and second floors.

Rajesh Kurup, general manager (GM) operations, Ecogreen, said, “We are trying to establish a system, which is only four months old. Any new system takes its own time to settle.”

Yashpal Yadav, MCG Commissioner, said, “We have received many complaints against Ecogreen. We have warned them. If needed, we will take action against them.”

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