Dwarka: People blame SDMC’s indifference for scattered garbage in open areas

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 15, 2018

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation seems to be a complete failure when it comes to sanitation in Dwarka. Except for a few parts in the area, filth can be easily seen scattered on the roads or near markets. Due to the lack of proper space for dumping, garbage is being thrown on the roads.

One can easily spot scattered garbage on a service lane in front of Sri Niketan Apartments in Sector-7. Kitchen waste and dry waste can be seen scattered in a stretch of about 5 meters. As a result, vehicles are finding it difficult to pass through the service lane and there is traffic jam most of the time.

Around 1 pm on Sunday, the private garbage collector was seen dumping waste fetched from Sri Niketan Apartments at the particular spot. They are in a regular habit of dumping garbage at the spot.

Former joint secretary of Harsukh Apartments, Sector 7, Ravi Jaitely said to City Spidey, “This practice is rampant in all societies located from plot 1 to 7. Sweepers dump the waste in the service lane. SDMC team picks up garbage from the spot but the lifting was very poor in the last couple of weeks.”

“In the meantime, rag pickers further deteriorated the scene. Even after SDMC’s pick up, one can see leftovers. My suggestion is that all these societies should dump waste near Gokul Garden where Palam’s waste is dumped. SDMC should take lead and ask societies to dump in the new place instead of dumping in the lane. Our councillor is busy in Palam area. He is not taking interest in Sector 7. So, nothing much expected from him,” added Jaitely.

The story is same in parts of Dwarka as there is no defined space for garbage dumping by SDMC.  In market areas, the garbage is dumped in front of the market near the entrance in the service lane. This can be seen in Sector 6, 10, 4, 12 markets. Not only this but also the garbage is dumped at the bus stops on the footpaths. Residents said that none of these places was decided by the corporation and it was never taken seriously.

SK Sharma, a resident of Sector 4, said, “SDMC has done nothing beyond displaying the hanging dustbins in the market areas. The basic things, including garbage lifting and clearance and some designated space to dump garbage in localities, are missing. They have done nothing to improve the system. They have not done research work.”

After the municipal corporation election held last year, SDMC had taken some initiative in terms of sanitation. RWAs and managements of the societies were told to take action against any garbage dumping in open areas near the roads. But, it seems that nothing has been done to implement it.

No SDMC official was ready to say anything on this matter. None of the officials involved in the sanitation works said that how and why the garbage is dumped in the open randomly across Dwarka.

“One thing is very clear that SDMC has done nothing in last one year as far as waste management is concerned. The situation has gone worse with the time. All the claims of segregation of waste, zero waste zone, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, making Dwarka model area have not been implemented seriously. Now, the output is garbage in Dwarka,” said NK Mishra, a resident of Sector 12.

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