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SC asks Amrapali builder to finalise projects for immediate construction

Posted: May 16, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked Amrapali builder, co-developer and lawyers of buyers to sit together and final projects for immediate completion of construction work. After the finalisation of projects, an affidavit will be filed in court by builder and co-developer on Thursday morning.

The order is expected to be passed for the selected projects on Thursday. The SC will monitor developments in the next 45 days. If the progress will be found as per expectations, work on other projects will also be started.

From Category A, Sapphire 1 and 2 and Leisure Park were selected and Centurion Park was selected from Category B to start the construction and give the possession as soon as possible.

The Apex court proposed all counsels to sit together to come up with a joint proposal under which all projects can be simultaneously undertaken in association with co-developers. The intent of the court is to see some development during the summer vacations and before the court hears the matter again after vacation.

Here are the details of selected projects:

Sapphire 1 and 2: For the development of Phase 1, outer limit is 10 months and additional 2 months just in case there is something extra to be done. For Phase 2, the proposed period is 12 to 15 months with 15 months outer limit. Amrapali has not been able to give a fixed timeline because it is under construction. Galaxy is the co-developer in these projects.

Leisure Park: A timeline of 15 months is given to complete construction. Co-developer is Galaxy.

Centurion Park: There’s a time limit of 12-15 months.

Other projects where work will start afterwards:

Princely: Proposed time to complete the construction is 12 months. Out of 919 flats, about 600 have already been given but people are living without lift and water tank. Kanodia Cement is co-developer. Further, break up of this project is still to be provided by the builder.

Zodiac, Platinum and Eden Park: Total completion time is 12 months. As there are three towers, break up will be given. Co-developer is IIFL.

Leisure Valley and Dream valley: Both the projects are in Noida Extension. Co-developer is Galaxy. The time limit is not fixed yet for these projects.

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