Heaps of garbage lying near City Magistrate's office
Photo: Samrat Roy
Officials blame late entry for Noida’s absence in ‘Swachh Survekshan’ list

Posted: May 17, 2018     By Mukhram Singh

People are very disappointed to see Noida absent from the list of “Swachh Survekshan 2018” conducted by the central government. Despite Noida is famous as a high-tech city of India, there is no other cleanliness drive taken in the city except for garbage collection.

As there were no evident attempts to make the city clean, it was already difficult for Noida to feature in the list of “Swachh Survekshan 2018.” The authorities in Noida participated in the cleanliness survey very late in order to cover its failure to take proper cleanliness actions.

Now, the officials are pointing out that Noida was absent from the list because it participated very late. They are saying that the selection committee did not consider Noida in the survey as it participated late.

Senior project engineer of the health department, RS Yadav, said, “Noida did not participate in cleanliness survey at an appropriate time. We made the entry after few months from the start of the survey. We participated in December 2017 while the survey commenced in June-July.”

“Every month, the survey team visit the cities for assessing cleanliness. They allocate points based on the assessment and they are added in the final result. As we were late, our participation was overlooked,” added Yadav.

Member of garbage disposal committee, Mahendra Awana, said, “The authorities in Noida do not walk the talk. No space was allocated for garbage disposal in last 38-40 years. There is no facility to pick garbage regularly. Garbage is left unpicked for a week.”

“The facilities of door-to-door garbage collection, segregation of dry and wet waste, dumping yard, waste to energy plant are absent in Noida. It was announced a few years back that machines will be used for cleaning the roads. But, it was not implemented. One can easily spot heaps of garbage at every circle but officials fail to see it,” Awana said.

“It was difficult for Noida to feature in cleanliness survey list. They deliberately participated very late in the survey so that they can use it as an excuse for the failure. Even, the city does not have facilities matching the two-tier cities,” added Awana.

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