Gurgaon: No adherence to guidelines for colony gates in Palam Vihar

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 19, 2018

The residents of Gurgaon on Friday pointed out that the district town planner has not ensured uniform implementation of guidelines on the installation of gates in Block D, Palam Vihar.

The residents claimed that they are forced to use an unauthorised route in order to get entry into the block as guidelines are not being followed. They also said that no action has been taken by authorities despite many complaints.

In 2003, the High Court ruled that the gates of colonies should be kept open in morning and evening. It also stated that deployment of a security guard at the gate is a must if it is closed. The residents who have been miffed with the flouting of guidelines blamed the dwellers as well.

Commuters demanded that the authorities should immediately remove the illegally installed gates in Palam Vihar’s internal roads as they are causing problems to traffic movement.

The residents said that these gates are also kept in a locked state which is a clear-cut deviation from the rules and regulations coined by the town planning department.

“No permission was taken for the installation of iron gates and neither did anyone apply for regularisation of the committee headed by the deputy commissioner. The road is blocked on the Bajhghera side due to the construction of a rail over bridge, hampering the movement of traffic,” Shobhit Gupta a resident of block D, said.

People in the area said that emergency and commercial vehicles are facing a lot of problems because of these gates. Commuters said that they need to take a detour to go to the nearby temple, hospitals, dispensaries and schools.

“While some residents park their vehicles by the boundary wall of the park in block D, our children are not even allowed to enter the block on their bicycles. Some residents are using the area as their private property,” Kulbhushan Lamba, a resident of Block D, said.

“The gates were installed without the permission of the residents’ welfare association (RWA), developer, DTP, traffic and local police and fire safety officials. Security is a concern for all, but keeping some residents secure at the cost of others is not justified,” Ajai Saigal a resident of block C, said.

“These gates were installed in contravention of the rules. They must be removed,” Narjeet Singh Gill, another resident of block D, said.

Rajender T Sharma, DTP, enforcement, said that they are seized of the matter and had directed the residents to remove the gates, but a section of them are not willing to comply. “The gates were installed illegally and should be removed. We are awaiting the court’s order before we take further action,” Sharma said.

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