No end to drinking water woes in Vijaynagar as scheme gets stuck in controversy

By Mukhram Singh
Photo: blogs.wsj.com
Posted: May 20, 2018

The drinking water scheme is doing no good to the people living in the Vijaynagar area of Ghaziabad. They are still struggling badly to get the ample amount of drinking water. The politics surrounding the drinking water scheme has adversely affected its implementation.

The drinking water scheme, which was worth Rs 37 crore, got stuck amidst a park controversy. Some people are also protesting against the scheme making its implementation more difficult. The 2 lakh people living in the Vijaynagar area need to wait for some more time for getting drinking water.

Under the “Amrit Yojana,” construction of tube well and underground water reservoir was planned in Bhimabai Ambedkar Park. Controversies struck it as soon as the construction works commenced in the park. Now, the municipal corporation and water corporation are searching for a new place amidst the controversies.

The people in Vijaynagar area are facing the scarcity of drinking water for many years in the past. They are demanding immediate resolution to this problem.

Under the drinking water scheme, 2 water tanks, 4 underground water reservoirs, 15 tube wells and 100-km long water pipeline need to be constructed. If this scheme would have been implemented then 2 lakh people of Vijaynagar would have got some relief.

Earlier, Minister Atul Garg had inaugurated this scheme in Vijaynagar’s Bhimabai Ambedkar Park. The construction work started afterwards. But, people in the area started protesting against construction in park and the work got stalled around one and a half months back.

Mayor Asha Sharma said, “Few people are playing politics over it which is wrong. As everyone needs drinking water, we will soon solve the problem. The drinking water will be provided soon to the people in the area.”

A resident of Vijaynagar, Vijendra Singh said, “People are very disturbed with the lack of drinking water. The municipal and water corporations are not taking necessary steps in the direction of solving this problem.”

“As the construction works have been halted in the park, some other place needs to be marked and process to begin drinking water scheme should be started at the earliest,” Singh added.

“People should have been consulted before starting works in the park. The sudden start of the work caused displeasure among people. They are not against the drinking water scheme as everyone needs water,” said Vinod Yadav.

“There is only one park available to people in the area. If tube wells and water tanks are constructed in it then there will no place left for people to sit and children will also be devoid of their playing areas. The municipal corporation should start search for some other place,” said Ajay Kumar.

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