Noida to introduce new system to manage traffic lights as per vehicle density

Photo: 360hoardings.com
Posted: May 21, 2018

To make traffic management more robust and intelligent, the Noida Authority is planning to introduce Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) which will be capable to manage the traffic lights according to the density of vehicles on each of the roads at intersections.

The ATCS will automatically turn the signal to green when it will sense the higher density of vehicles at a particular stretch. The new system will also turn the signal to red in case of no vehicles on the stretch. This system will be equipped to measure the density of vehicles till 800 meters from the intersection. It will automatically synchronise the signals as per the real-time traffic conditions.

An official of Noida Authority said, “The ATCS will help the traffic police to effectively manage the congestion and traffic problem in the city. The supposed budget for this is Rs 25 crore.”

“In this system, a traffic signal controller, vehicle detectors, application software, central control station and communication network will be set up. The system uses stop line detectors and signal changes can be done by the central control room. Traffic signals can also change automatically on the basis of traffic volume detected on a road,” said the official.

Noida will be the first city in Uttar Pradesh to implement such kind of system. This technology has already been used in the cities like Bhubaneshwar, Indore and Surat.

RP Singh, a project engineer of Noida Authority said, “We will soon hire a private agency for this project and our aim is to implement this system in next three months after completing all formalities.”

Singh also said that Rs 20 crore will be spent on the installation work of the new traffic signal system and Rs 5 crore will be spent on its maintenance.

At present, there are 112 traffic signals in the city and they function manually. If any signal does not work properly then it causes the traffic problem or increases the chance of an accident especially during peak hours. Fifty percent of the traffic signals are not working properly and 20 percent traffic signal are damaged due to the thunderstorm.

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