MCG stops payment for Ecogreen Energy due to poor garbage collection service

Photo: therealtypaper.com
Posted: May 22, 2018

The officials of the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) on Monday informed that the door-to-door waste collection service, Ecogreen Energy, has not been paid in the last two months because of deficiency in services.

MCG officials said that the Ecogreen Energy have not been efficient enough in doorstep waste collection. They said that there have been inconsistencies in collection and disposal of waste.

The officials informed that the dues towards Ecogreen Energy have mounted to Rs 11 crore.

The councillors participating in the House meeting said that the residents are constantly complaining about poor services of Ecogreen Energy citing them failing to collect waste every day.

Ward 34 councillor RS Rathee said, “Since March, 25 notices were sent to Ecogreen by Zone 3 joint commissioner YS Gupta for failing to collect waste or incompletion transfer of waste. Of these, Ecogreen officials responded to only four notices.”

“The MCG has stopped paying Ecogreen for their services since the past two months as their work has been found to be incompetent. Until their services improve, the MCG will not be paying its dues (towards Ecogreen),” MCG commissioner Yashpal Yadav said.

“Besides their incompetency in collecting waste, Ecogreen is also allegedly hiring underage workers. This in itself is a serious offence and needs to be looked into,” Mayor Madhu Azad said.

“The MCG has not cleared our dues since March. From our side, the operations are optimum and all workforce is engaged in the door-to-door collection of waste,” Rajesh Kurup, Ecogreen’s, general manager of operations said.

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