BSES scheme: Exchange your old AC with new one, avail 47 percent discount

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: May 22, 2018
By Praveen Dwivedi

The power distribution company BSES Rajdhani has started a scheme where consumers can exchange their old AC with a new one at a discount of up to 47 percent on its market price.

As per reports, the scheme will be applicable for consumers in West Delhi initially. However, similar schemes would also be launched by the power distribution company BYPL in East Delhi and North Delhi consumers.

BSES would be distributing ACs of Voltas, Godrej and LG in this exchange scheme. Further, only 10000 ACs would be distributed in the first phase of the scheme.

A senior BSES official told City Spidey that the scheme would be applicable for ACs below five stars only.

City Spidey further asked that if a person had recently purchased an old AC, will he be able to avail the benefit of this scheme?

The official replied, “We do not mind whether a consumer has purchased a new or an old AC. People who have purchased old ACs recently too can avail the benefit of this scheme. The companies associated with us would visit on the given address and confirm the consumer’s registered CA number.”

He further confirmed that one consumer can exchange a maximum of three ACs.

As per BSES, due to use of ACs in summers, Delhi witnesses a huge gap between minimum and maximum power demands. Moreover, old ACs also consume more electricity.

“The consumers can save up to Rs 7500-8000 in annual electricity budget by replacing old ACs with the new ones,” a BSES statement said.

The BSES further stated that the leakage of Hydrofluorocarbon from the old ACs also adds to global warming. This in turn, poses a huge threat to the environment.

The company claimed that the new ACs would be delivered within 15 days of registration.

In order to avail the scheme, an eligible consumer has to call the BRPL helpline numbers 19123 / 39999707 or visit the discom's divisional office and get his/her names and CA number registered.

"Consumers will be contacted by the respective officials of the AC Company through their empanelled vendors to take the enquiry forward," said a BSES official.

A BSES spokesperson said, "According to a latest international research, there is a growing concern that the electricity used to power ACs will overburden electrical grids and increase planet warming emissions. The AC replacement scheme is a demand side management initiative from BSES that attempts to address such concerns.”


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