MCG to discuss proposal for new auditorium at Bal Bhawan in House meeting

By City Spidey
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Posted: May 23, 2018

The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has prepared a proposal to construct an auditorium at Bal Bhawan in Sector-4. The officials and councillors will discuss the proposal during the House meeting scheduled on Wednesday.

The officials informed that the new auditorium at Bal Bhawan will have the capacity to accommodate 700 people and it will also have air-condition facility. The present auditorium is in bad condition with limited space to accommodate people.

The MCG conducts its weekly cultural performances during winter at the Bal Bhawan.

“We have started demolishing the old structure and tenders have been allotted for the project,” MCG public relations officer SS Rohilla said.

Contractor Krishan Kumar was given tender for the project in February at a project cost of Rs 12.89 crore.

The MCG said that there will be no charge for the performances at the new auditorium. The new auditorium will be made available to the public by mid-2019.

MCG officials said that the House will discuss the high cost of the structure and opportunities will be given to officials and councillors to raise their issues. The final approval is expected to come after the discussion in the House.

The city of Gurgaon had a cultural centre, Epicentre, at Sector-44 which was closed in December 2016. A cultural hub is also proposed on a 10 acre land in Sector-53. The new cultural hub is planned in the lines of India Habitat Centre. But, it is also due to get approval from the state government.

Artistes were ecstatic on the prospect of a new auditorium at Bal Bhawan.

“A new auditorium is required. Not just for performing artists to get an opportunity to showcase their art, but also for residents as the city is criticized for being an example of corporate lifestyles or mundane living,” Shobhna Jha, a Kathak dancer said.

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