Dwarka: SDMC’s apathy behind poor state of sanitation in Sector-8

By City Spidey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 23, 2018

Sanitation has become a big issue in Sector-8 of Dwarka as garbage dumping along the roadside and irregular clearances by SDMC is causing a lot of filth in the area. Residents are of the view that the area has been completely neglected by SDMC.

Ex-president of RWA of Sector 8, P Bhel said to City Spidey, “This is to bring to the notice of the concerned officers of the SDMC that the condition of garbage is getting worse day by day in all the blocks(A, B, C, D) in the sector.”

“The garbage collection vans were not available for many days in a row. Whenever we enquired about it, the collection vans were always found out of order. B Block in Sector-8 is the worst example of SDMC’s inefficiency. The roadsides are encroached. It needs immediate attention,” added Bhel.

Garbage can be seen scattered in all parts of Sector-8. Despite the clear instructions on boards to refrain from dumping on roads, garbage can be seen all around Dwarka. There is no proper place for garbage dumping in the area.

Vice president of Dwarka Forum, AS Chatwal said, “The sector has been completely neglected by SDMC. There is no fixed routine for the lifting of the garbage. There is no specific place defined by the Municipal Corporation for garbage dumping. We have asked the officials of SDMC to address the matter several times but nothing has happened so far.”

City Spidey had a talk with the former Deputy Mayor and Ex-Councillor of the area, Praveen Rana. He said, “Earlier the resources were less but the problem was not that bigger as the work was done with those resources. This time, although the resources are enough yet the work was pathetic.”

“No effort is seen at the ground level by the present Councillor of the area. A budget has been given under Clean India Mission. There is a greater number of employees in the area and many things are there for support from the system to improve the sanitation. But, why are they not doing anything is really a big question. This is sad from their part,” said Rana.

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