Amrapali, 3c and Sharanam, you have two weeks to think up a solution
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Amrapali, 3c and Sharanam, you have two weeks to think up a solution

Builders may have skipped the meeting with homebuyers and Noida Authority on Wednesday, but they couldn't escape accountability. The Authority gave them two weeks to come up with a solution.

Amrapali, 3c and Sharanam, you have two weeks to think up a solution

Amrapali Heartbeat City, 3C Lotus 300 and Great Value Sharanam. The builders of these three projects have some quick brainstorming to do. Noida Authority has given them two weeks to come up with a solution for the delay in flat possession to homebuyers.

The decision was taken at a meeting on Wednesday that was supposed to have been between the developers, homebuyers and Noida Authority. However, the builders didn't show up. But much to the relief of residents, that didn't stop Noida Authority from issuing them a deadline. 

Kapil Tyagi, president of Amrapali Heart Beat City’s flatbuyers' association, said, “There are so many homebuyers who have booked flats in these apartments. But now they want their money back as the project has been delayed.”

The delay in flat possession is due to a court case in Allahabad High Court over the allocation of land to builders.

Sunita Durrani, who has booked a flat in 3C Lotus 300, said, “I have asked the Authority to approach the Allahabad High Court to allow the Lotus 300 builders to resume construction work, which was stopped two years ago. Thankfully, Noida Authority has agreed.”  

However, a halt in construction wasn't the only problem discussed at the meeting. Puneet Parsaar, a flat owner in Amrapali Heart Beat City, said, “Many homebuyers, like me, have been given keys to their flats but are not allowed to move in because the matter is in court. We have urged Noida Authority to help us get permission to do so.”

Sujan Anand, who was leading the homebuyers' group at the meeting and is the president of the Samajwadi Party women’s wing, said that despite the absence of builders, they were happy with how the meeting went. "Rama Raman, chairman and CEO of Noida Authority, has assured us that our problems will be solved. A final decision could not be taken as the developers skipped the meeting, but Rama Raman was firm that they had to attend the next one scheduled on May 25. Builders have two weeks to decide how to solve homebuyers' problem,” she added. 


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