MCG concessionaire to pick up garbage piled after sanitation workers strike

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Posted: May 24, 2018
By City Spidey

During the meeting between officials of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and the district administration on Wednesday, it was decided that the garbage, which has been piled up due to sanitation workers strike, will be picked up by the concessionaire under police protection.

The piling of garbage has been caused by the strike by sanitation workers in the past two weeks. The garbage was seen piled heavily in public spaces in Palam Vihar, Sadar Bazaar and Sectors 10, 14, 15 and 17.

MCG officials informed that they are pursuing the lifting of garbage in the association with Gurugram Police. They said that garbage piled at Sector-17A and Civil Lines is already been lifted.

“Waste was picked up from two areas late last night (Tuesday). MCG won’t mind using force and if anybody obstructs the strictest action shall be taken against them. As such some MCG personnel who are creating issues have been identified and action under section 303 of the Haryana Municipal Corporation Act has been initiated,” Joint Commissioner Vivek Kalia said.

“Last night, authorities had cleared waste using earth movers, with the assistance of police, which is completely unacceptable as it was done to evoke us even further and undermines our demand for improvement in services. Our protest continues,” Naresh Kumar Malkat, a member of the Nagar Nigam Karamchari Sangh, said.

The MCG officials have also denied the rumours of sanitation workers not allowing Ecogreen to pick garbage from Civil Lines.

The sanitation workers initially called a three-day strike on May 9 but it converted into an indefinite strike afterwards. There are around 30,000 sanitation workers who gone into the strike. These employees belong to 90 municipal corporations, municipal committees and councils.

The demands of sanitation workers include regularisation of contractual employees, at par salary with Punjab workers, better working conditions and pension scheme.

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