Dwarka: People struggle with faulty traffic signals, countdown timers

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 24, 2018
By City Spidey

People are totally annoyed with the faulty traffic signals and countdown timers on the roads in Dwarka. This is causing serious problems to the commuters in the area.

When City Spidey did a round of the area to check status, it had also found most of the traffic signals and countdown timers in a defunct state. Either they were not working at all or working with few disturbances.

At Sector 5, 6, 10 and 11, the countdown timer of one side was not working properly. At the circle of Sector 6/7, the traffic signal was not working. At KM circle, the countdown timer was working but was not readable because of some problem.

People of the area said that the countdown timer had been in such condition for more than a month. Similarly, at the circle of Sector 3/13, the countdown timer has not been working for almost a week.

Ramesh Kumar, a resident of Sector 6, said, “There are some circles where I have not seen any traffic signal working properly for at least a week. You can see that the signal at Shakti circle and the signal at the circle of Sector 6/10 and 6/7 are not working. I could not understand why the authorities do not take such things seriously.”

There are some other circles like in Sector 13/14, 13/17 where these problems always happen.

Siddhartha Kashyap, a resident of Sector 12, said, “I have seen that the maintenance of the signals is an issue at major circles like Ashirvad Chowk. At this circle, it is very rare that signals and timers both work properly for a long time.”

Recently, the problem was discussed at a police-public meeting held at Dharam Apartments in Sector-18. Traffic Inspector, Dharam Pal Singh, said that he was aware of the problems and will do what is needed.

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