Watch: Thief takes away mobile phone of nurse at hospital ward

Photo: video grab
Posted: May 24, 2018

Hospitals are generally considered a safe place for patients and people who visit it. But, thieves are not sparing the hospitals. They are carrying out their inhuman acts at the place where people struggle for their lives.

In the video, a thief was seen taking away mobile phone of a nurse in a hospital ward in Noida. He quietly comes from behind of the nurse and takes away mobile phone which was kept on the desk.

The nurse was completely unaware of the act as she was busy doing her work at the hospital. The incident is shocking as many people, who walk into the hospital in a serious condition, will have to be now vigilant about their belongings.

The incident presents a sorry state of security at the hospitals. The situation at hospitals has become very bad due to the apathetic acts of thieves.

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