Piles of garbage near DLF colony causes problems; officials promise help

Photo: findingeben.blogspot.com
Posted: May 26, 2018

People living in DLF colony are having tough time because of the piles of garbage scattered around the main gate. Agitated people have already complained many times to the municipal corporation but nothing has happened so far.

However, officials are claiming to address the issue as soon as possible.

People are forced to bear the filth around the colony and it is making their lives very difficult. The RWA and residents are also annoyed with the apathy of the municipal corporation as it is not acting even after repeated complaints.

RWA president Manoj Gaur said, “Delhi’s Simapuri Border is only 60 meters away from the colony’s gate. A machine worth Rs 70 lakh capable of disposing waste has been installed there. But, still, people are not getting rid of the waste problem.”

The RWA has written a letter to municipal commissioner demanding a waste disposal house at dumping yard.

When the issue came in municipal commissioner CP Singh’s knowledge, he said that the municipal corporation will soon address the problem in DLF colony.

The zonal in-charge has been issued directions to carry out investigation in the matter and make arrangements for immediate pick up and disposal of the garbage.

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