Dwarka: Residents involved with Green Circle participate in cleaning drive

By City Spidey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 26, 2018

Residents from various sectors and societies on Saturday participated in cleaning drive carried out by an organization Green Circle. This organisation has volunteers from all parts of Dwarka and they work towards protecting the environment.

The cleaning drive was carried out at DDA Park in Sector-6. All the members of the organisation participated in cleaning of the park. They picked up all the plastic and polythene bags which were scattered there.

The residents also cleaned other stuffs spread in the area and put it into the nearby dustbins. The collected waste was disposed at the dhalao in Sector-5.

“During our drive, we were encouraged by a lot of likeminded people who assured us of joining from next week onwards. A few others continued their morning walk pretending that they have not seen us,” said treasurer of Green Circle PK Chopra.

“But, we are confident that some of them would not throw any waste in the park. And, if that happens, it would be achievement of our drive. It is part of Green Circle's objective to protect environment and the initiated drive would now continue,” said Chopra.


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