RESIDENT SPEAK: Poetic evening ‘Sabrang’ was a success despite IPL final

By Ravi Jaitley
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 28, 2018

It was a pleasant experience for me to be part of the audience at a poetic evening called “Sabrang” which was organised by an NGO “Age Well Association” at Rashi Apartments in Sector-7 on Sunday.

Poets belonging from different parts of Dwarka recited their creations in front of a community gathering of about 80 people. A well-known poet and resident of Sector-6, Ashok Luv, presided over the event and recited his poems too.

The poets, who participated in the event, were from all walks of life including the retired persons, youngsters in their thirties etc. They shared the stage to recite their poems.

On the occasion, Syed Sibte Razi (Former Governor of Bihar and Odisha), who is also a resident of Dwarka, was the chief guest.

The guest of honour was General Secretary of Confederation of CGHS (Cooperative Group Housing Societies) in Dwarka, Sudha Sinha. She also recited two poems on girls and women.

Poets from the city who recited their poems included Dr Rajendra Gautam, Ashok Verma,  Sushma Bhandari, Keshav Mohan Pandey, Mukesh Kumar, Jalaj Kumar Mishra and Pradeep Sharma.

It was a successful show despite the fact that IPL final was already happening at that time. The audience was not in a hurry to leave the hall.

The management team of Rashi Apartments included KP Gupta and Sanjeev Kapoor. They were there to make the show successful by doing various arrangements.

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