Noida authority gives fully automatic compost machine to Sector-15A

Dr Mahesh Sharma inaugurates composter machine
By Avishek Dubey
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: May 28, 2018

In a breakthrough move for the betterment of the environment, the Noida authority on Monday gave fully automatic compost machine to Sector-15A. The machine was inaugurated by Dr Mahesh Sharma who is local MP and union minister of state for tourism and culture.

The director of horticulture from Noida authority, Omvir Singh, said that decision to give compost machine was taken in the board meeting which happened in June 2017.

It was decided in the meeting that the authority will sponsor 75 per cent cost of the compost machine and rest of the amount will be paid by the residents of the area.

If a compost machine, capable of disposing off 500 kg of green waste per day, costs Rs 6 lakh, then the residents will have to just pay Rs 1.5 lakh in order to get it installed in their area.

The cost of the compost machine, which has been installed, is Rs 23.65 lakh. The RWA of Sector-15A only paid 25 percent of the total amount which is Rs 5.91 lakhs. The remaining amount was paid by the Noida Authority.

In the first phase, the Noida Authority will give the compost machines to 25 residential sectors. After that, more machines will be provided to RWAs in others sectors as well.

According to Solid Waste Management Policy 2016, all residential sectors, gated housing societies, hotels and commercial institutions will have to make arrangements to segregate biodegradable waste and make compost of it within their own premises.

Singh said, “The RWAs will also be assigned with the responsibility of maintaining parks in the Sectors and they will be given a contract for the same. They would be asked to use the manure for nurturing plants and the grass present in those parks.”

"Many other areas of the city including Sector-19, 47, 35 and 82 have also demanded the compost machines. The gated societies like Prateek Wisteria in Sector-76, Homes 121 in Sector-121 and Eldeco Aamantran in Sector-119 have also demanded the same,” Singh said.

Rajesh Khanna, RWA general secretary of Sector-15A of Noida said, “Our sector generates 700-800 kg of waste every day. After the installation of the machine, we will generate manure from this waste and use it for nurturing plants and the grass present in the parks. If any resident needs the manure, we will also give them too.”

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