GMC mulls flush-free toilets equipped with Japanese technology in city

By Mukhram Singh
Photo: sharmajitech.in
Posted: May 30, 2018

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) will soon start constructing toilets equipped with foreign technologies in place of the old one. With the new technology, there will be lesser consumption of water and it will also be free of foul smells.

The sewer of the toilets equipped with new technology will not allow cockroaches and others insects to get inside the toilets.

To make the toilets flush-free, the GMC is mulling to adopt Japanese technology. Firstly, public toilets will be made using the Japanese technology. After its success, more such kind of toilets will be made in the city.

Last week, a Japanese company had given a presentation about flush-free special fibre seat toilets to the GMC. The P-tapes are named as S-tapes in the new toilets.

A special type of lid has been installed in the pot. This lid opens when water is being flushed. It closes automatically when the process of flushing gets complete. It has been designed in such a way that there is less water consumption.

The water that has been used when the toilet is used is enough to take the sewerage to the tanks. The seat has been inclined towards S-tape in such a manner that sewerage will seamlessly flow to the tanks.

It has been claimed that such kind of toilets will use 80 per cent less water as compared to other toilets. The company has also claimed that the seat is made from a special kind of plastic and it will easily last beyond 10 years. But, it should be saved from exposure to fire.

A special of type of chemical has also been used which will save the seat irrespective of continuous sewerage. These kinds of seats have also been used in Rajasthan because of less availability of water. It has been a big success in Rajasthan.

Municipal commissioner CP Singh said, “A single flushing takes 5 litres of water whereas the new seat will take only a litre during flushing. The wastage of water will be controlled significantly. We will be installing such kind of seats in public toilets on trial basis. If the trial is successful then these kinds of seats will also be installed further.”

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