Dwarka: Pathetic state of bus shelters leaves no room for proposed transit maps

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 30, 2018

The Delhi government’s transport department has announced recently that each bus shelter will have a complete map of the bus routes just like the Metro stations. A facility of Integrated Transit Map was also launched at a bus shelter in Delhi as a pilot project.

These maps will help the commuters to get visual cognitive details for all bus routes passing through the particular bus stop including Delhi Metro network and key landmarks on the map of Delhi.

But, after looking at the condition of bus shelters in Dwarka, it can be said that this kind of facilities will be tough to implement at ground level.

The bus shelters across Dwarka are not properly managed. The new initiative can only be implemented properly when the existing infrastructure will be maintained perfectly.

Most of the bus shelters in the area are either damaged or missing. In various bus routes, the bus shelters have not been there since the inception of Dwarka. In the route from Uttam Nagar to Gurgaon through Sector-22/23, the bus stops are missing in the stretch in Sector-9 and in Sector-23.

Similarly, in the route of RL 75, the bus stops are missing in Sector-13/14. At many places, the bus stops have been marked with a small board hanging on poles at central verge on Master Plan Roads across Dwarka. Such boards are very difficult to spot and the bus drivers do not care to stop at these bus stops.

People said that Dwarka has been lacking in the infrastructure to avail the DTC bus services for a long time. Commuters find it difficult to stand at these places to take the bus. Most of the time, people are confused and found to be asking for the location of the bus stops.

Many times, on the requests and follow-ups of the social organisations and RWAs, the authorities took the subject into concern but did nothing in that direction.

Sita Raman Jha, a resident of Sector-3 said, “You can look at the bus shelters on the road number 201 in Sector-3 and Sector-13 side, they are in pathetic state. If they want to make the initiative successful they must make these bus shelters perfect first.”

On the subject of missing bus shelters, a joint survey of the authority and the resident bodies of Dwarka was also organised in 2013 but nothing happened after that. There were plans to construct new bus shelters in Dwarka but it did not get underway.

According to sources, about 1,200 new bus shelters were proposed to be constructed by the Delhi government in 2015-16. But, looking at the condition of the existing infrastructure, it can be said that nothing happened in that direction in Dwarka area.

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