RESIDENT SPEAK: Public toilets either ill-maintained or locked in Dwarka

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 31, 2018
By Anil Parashar

The public toilets are very ill-maintained in Sector-7 of Dwarka. Also, there are many new public toilets which are kept locked leading to open-defecation in the area.

I took a round of the area and visited the public toilets personally to take stock of the situation. I also clicked photographs and had a conversation with people about the matter.

I came to know that the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) is responsible for the maintenance of these toilets. There was a clear apathy from their side to maintain these toilets.

I spotted a toilet which was constructed about one and a half years but it was yet not operational. It is situated in front of the Brahma Apartments and on the road towards Ramphal Chowk.

Local councillor had put up a display board in front of the toilet but it is also missing now. The residents in the area have no idea who is having the custody of the toilet’s keys.

The local councillor has been apprised about the problem several times but he failed to do anything in this regard. The issue was also brought to the fore by media but it also didn’t bear any fruit.

Is it not the complete wastage of taxpayers’ money? The government often claims that more than seven crore toilets have been built. But, this is the true state of the public toilets.

I also found three other toilets in a locked state in Sector-7. Another toilet in SDMC Park near Gokul Garden was found in very bad conditions with all kind foul smells coming from it.

Now, the main question is who is to be held responsible for this? Is the local councillor or SDMC or the state government or the central government or the PM who started “Swachh Bharat Mission”?

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Sunil Kumar Gulati

Posted 10 months ago

Not only in Dwarka they are ill maintained all over.