Gzb: Potable water issue worsens; officials not serious about Ganga water plant

Photo: corelab.org
Posted: Jun 02, 2018
By Mukhram Singh

While the people are struggling to get potable water in Ghaziabad, the concerned officials are not paying any attention to the problem. Due to the official’s apathy, the files, concerning the new plans to address the issue, are not being brought into effect.

The detailed project reports (DPR) of Ganga water plant was to be sent to the irrigation department of Meerut zone in April 2018 but it is still lying in the offices.

During the summer, the problem of potable water has got worsened. If the sources are to be believed, the DPR for Ganga water plant has not been sent so far because it not even prepared by the officials.

To address the problem of deficient potable water supply, Ganga water plant of 100 cusec capacity was to be set up in Ghaziabad. The three departments of Uttar Pradesh government including the Municipal Corporation, Ghaziabad Development Authority and Irrigation Department were bestowed with the responsibility to set up the plant.

A plant was proposed under “Amrut Yojana” which did not get clearance from the central government. Then, the public representatives and officials had demanded Ganga water plant which got approval from the state government.

The state government then demanded DPR from irrigation department of Meerut zone for setting up of the plant.

When the DPR was not sent in the stipulated time period, the executive engineer of Meerut, Bishambhar, had written a letter to chief development officer of Ghaziabad stating that the DPT got delayed because there is no canal in the area.

For the DPR, the record of initial surveys was demanded from executive engineers from Meerut zone and Muzaffarnagar zone but it was not sent by them.

The 5 lakh people of Ghaziabad are paying for the issues between the two zones of the irrigation department. The Ganga water plant will solve the issue of potable water in Rajnagar Extension, Mohannagar, Madhuban Bapudham etc.

But, the egos of officials are not letting the work to be implemented on the ground.

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