Gurgaon: Notices to residential houses pursuing commercial activities likely

By City Spidey
Photo: fastfox.com
Posted: Jun 02, 2018

After the survey conducted about a few months ago, the district town planning (DTP) enforcement has found commercial activities in approximately 150 residential units in DLF Phase-2 of Gurgaon.

The CM window has referred many complaints which need actions against many owners pursuing commercial activities in residential houses.

The commercial activities including clinics, lawyer offices, tourism offices, beauty parlours, paying guest houses, property dealers’ office etc. are being run in these residential houses.

The owners of these 150 residential houses are likely to given showcause notices. They will be asked to reply within 7 days after receiving the showcause notices.

Rajender T Sharma, district town planner (DTP) enforcement, Gurugram, said, “We have done a survey of the colony and identified 150 residential houses indulged in illegal commercial activities. There are provisions for running commercial activities and the owners have to obtain permission for such activities before starting.”

These owners will have to apply to DTP enforcement for running commercial activities such as clinics, beauty parlours etc. The department has also clearly mentioned commercial activities which can be run in residential houses. The said list is given on the DTP website.

“One can pay onetime Rs 60, 000 fees for such activities. Non-nuisance activities mean any activity which does not engage traffic mess, the additional load on water, sewer, electricity etc. such activities are allowed only in 50 sqmt portion of the building. After seven days of notice, the department will seal the premises if owners do not reply,” said Narender Kumar, assistant town planner (ATP) enforcement Gurgaon.

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