Noida: Contradiction in master plan as SLF proposed in recreational green area

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jun 05, 2018
By Avishek Dubey

There has been a lot of ruckus over the construction of a landfill in Sector-123 in Noida in last few days. Thousands of people have protested against the construction despite notice sent by the district administration to refrain from it.

Following the protests, the police have arrested 45 people and sent 26 of them to the jail. While the Noida Authority seems to be adamant over the construction of the landfill, people have also been rigid against it.

The protesters have so far maintained that the landfill will increase the risk of health hazards for the people living in the vicinity. They said that it will pollute the environment and make it difficult for people to have a healthy life.

Now, to understand the gravity of the problem, City Spidey read the Masterplan-2031 where it has found that the solid landfill (SLF) at Sector-123 was proposed in the recreational green area which is a contradiction in itself.

As well as, as per the Masterplan-2031, the other space for the solid landfill was proposed in Sector-151A which comes under utility or facility area.

According to an environmentalist, the recreational green area is dedicated for development of greenery work whereas the utility or facility area can be used for civic work like sewer treatment plant (STP) and solid landfill (SLF).

Anupam Oberoi, a resident of Sector-122, said, “The Noida Authority has made up its mind to construct a landfill at the Sector-123 whereas it has still not embarked on plans to construct a landfill at Sector-151A. The reason is that the surrounding areas at Sector-151A have been sold to builders for making residential and commercial buildings.”

Oberoi said that plans to construct a landfill at Sector-151A have been delayed because it will affect the sales of properties in the area.

“As the Noida Authority had the need to construct a landfill to dump waste of the area, they selected the vacant plot at Sector-123. But, it should not be happening because the place is marked as the recreational green area in the Masterplan-2031,” Oberoi added.

Vikrant Togad, an environmentalist in Noida said, “The Noida Authority is doing an illegal work by constructing a landfill at a place where non-greenery work should not be pursued. They should rather construct a landfill at Sector-151 but they are not doing it because it will affect the property rates.”

When City Spidey talked to Rajesh Singh, officer on special duty, he said, “Both the lands are designated land for the SLF. We have also got a green signal from National Green Tribunal (NGT). We will definitely construct a landfill in Sector-151A.”

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