Parking problems in Delhi
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With new rules on the anvil, can MCDs fix Delhi's parking woes?

Posted: Jun 06, 2018     By Praveen Dwivedi

The national capital is likely to have a new parking policy by the end of June which will aim to decongest the city’s roads. As per the policy, roadside parking penalty will be five times more expensive and residential parking chargeable.

Official records claim that Delhi has nearly 250 parking spaces at present along with handful of multi-level parking lots.

However, the major question that arises is – whether the municipal corporations responsible for providing parking space and building new multi-level parking lots are ready to meet the challenge or not?

Nearly, 1400 new cars arrive on the city’s roads everyday and the lack of parking space is certainly going to be a tough task for the municipal authorities, a senior official in North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) said.

As the civic bodies are given the task of earmarking parking spaces at roads, residential and commercial areas, nearly 90 percent projects of both surface parking and multi-level parking lots are yet to begin.

“The proposed multi-level parking lots to be constructed under Public Private Partnership (PPP) model will take at least two-three years to complete,” said a senior official of NDMC.

Both the North and East municipal corporations are under huge financial crunch and looking for private developers for construction of multi-level parkings.

“A proposal has been made for building multi-storey parking lots but further development is yet to take place in this regard,” an official said on the condition of anonymity.

As per the records available with City Spidey, the NDMC has a total of 103 parking lots available with it. Out of these, 95 places are for surface parking, six for multi-level parking while two others are for stack parkings. Overall, they provide parking space for nearly 3100 vehicles. However, it is estimated that the NDMC alone needs to provide parking space for more than 50000 vehicles.

The three MCDs (North, East and South) have jointly proposed to build around 30 multi-level parking lots in the city. As per the data available, 13 multi-level parking lots have been proposed by the NDMC, 20 by SDMC while 6 have been proposed by the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC).


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Deepak Bhavsar

Posted 9 months ago

First create parking facilities then impose fines. Imposing fines without creating adequate facilities is just fleecing the public.