Dwarka: SDMC’s sanitation initiatives fail to make mark on ground

By City Spidey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Jun 07, 2018

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) had taken many initiatives related to sanitation but they have certainly not translated on the ground in Dwarka. The SDMC was very inclined to launch digital initiatives such as introduction of apps, Whatsapp groups and creation of social media platforms for immediate addressal of sanitation issues.

But, the residents of the area have called these initiatives as a complete failure as the response on digital platforms has been very poor.

A resident of Sector-12, Nirmal Singh, said, “The SDMC made the arrangement on the digital platform to raise the issue of sanitation. It had provisions to send photographs showing filth in the area. But, the response on these platforms has been very poor. The corporation should have made these initiatives successful.”

Another resident of Sector-12, Pankaj said, “I sent some photographs through Whatsapp to get the spots cleaned. But, nothing happened in next three days. The corporation should at on the complaints if they have taken this initiative. I cannot say that the initiative has become successful.”

In other such initiatives, the SDMC had put up boards with contact details of officials for the purpose of raising the issue of sanitation in the area. But, now, these boards have either been removed or stolen. Few are in a broken state.

There was an initiative taken by SDMC in 2017 under which they had formed a monitoring committee consisting of market people to keep the market area clean and free of filth. But, it was also a failure as filth can easily be spotted near market areas all across Dwarka.

“There was a lot of promise around these initiatives as it could have worked. But, unfortunately, the corporation was only interested in launching such initiatives. They have certainly not acted on these initiatives,” said Santosh Kumar, a resident of Sector-6.

President of Federation of RWAs of Sector 9, Advocate KS Bhati, said that instead of launching many digital initiatives, the corporation should have focussed on making the groundwork more robust and effective.

“The whole system should act smartly on the ground. Only launching digital initiatives will not work. The SDMC should respond to the problems shared by people. I can say that the SDMC has been a complete failure in managing sanitation in Dwarka,” Bhati said.

A resident of Sector-11, Purvi Sinha, said, “The SDMC should become proactive by meeting people and taking feedbacks from them. The area representatives and officials know that the digital initiatives have no meaning unless the system is effective and accountable.”

“Hundreds of photographs were shared on Whatsapp groups with no results whatsoever. People lost faith in these digital platforms when they did not get responses. So, SDMC should also make things work on the ground after launching such initiatives,” said Sinha.

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