Rescue team spots endangered black-necked stork with plastic ring in its bill

Photo: Manoj Nair
Posted: Jun 10, 2018
By Akhilesh Pandey

A rescue team, which was led by an expert Rakesh Ahlawat, has become successful in spotting the endangered black-necked stork that was earlier seen with a black plastic ring in its bill. The bird was spotted near Najafgarh drain. Now, there is high chance that the team will get hold of the bird and remove the plastic ring from its bill.

Many birdwatchers feared for the life of black-necked stork as it was unable to eat and drink because of plastic ring in its beak.

The concerned bird watchers were relentlessly searching the black-necked stork. They were giving their best by treading through the wetlands from West Delhi to Gurgaon in search of the bird.

For the last 5 days, different teams formed by birder community were relentlessly searching for the bird in an area of 15 to 20 square kilometre from Najafgarh wetland to Basai wetland.

A birdwatcher, Pankaj Gupta, who highlighted the issue through his Facebook post said to City Spidey, “A team of more than 10 people was continuously working to rescue the bird by removing plastic ring from its bill in last 5 days. Today as well, there were 22 people on the ground to search the bird.”

Earlier, the black-necked stork was spotted by Manoj Nair who is a bird photographer. He shared the photographs of the bird with the plastic ring in its bill and then the news was spread.

Environment enthusiasts and bird watchers community started the mission to rescue the bird. Today, a team of more than 20 photographers from Delhi Bird Photographers group visited the wetland area to find the missing bird.

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