Noida landfill issue: Police release 26 from jail after deposit of personal bond

By Avishek Dubey
Photo: Avishek Dubey
Posted: Jun 11, 2018

The Noida police on Monday released all the 26 people whom they had sent to jail for protesting against the landfill at Sector-123. The arrested people were released only after they deposited personal bonds of Rs 50,000 as a promise to maintain peace.

City Magistrate Mahendra Kumar Singh, told, “The people were released after they signed the personal bond of Rs 50,000 for the period of six months. We also warned them that if they take law and order in their hands then they will be arrested again. If they did not follow it then their bonds will not be given to them.”

The Noida Authority had made up its mind to construct landfill and the district administration had sent notice to people to refrain from affecting the construction works.

But, when protesters did not budge, the police arrested 45 people under Section 151 from the landfill site and sent 26 of them to jail. There was huge unrest among the protesters after the arrest. They continued to protest against the landfill afterwards.

The district administration had issued notices under Section 111 of CrPC to fill personal bonds of Rs 50,000 as a promise to maintain peace during the construction of the landfill.

The police said that the decision to release arrested people was only taken after seeing peaceful protests in last few days.

However, there is seldom a day when there is no protest against construction of landfill at Sector-123 in Noida since the time Noida Authority decided for it. The voice against it is reaching new decibel with the number of protesters growing leaps and bounds as the days progressed.

Now, an organisation which works for the welfare of the people in Noida, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sena, has thrown its weight behind the protesters as they conducted a protest march against landfill on Monday.

On the other hand, the Noida Authority is going ahead to make the landfill and a waste to energy plant in the vacant plot of 9000 sqm in Sector-123 after the NGT issued an interim order to Noida Authority to immediately stop dumping waste at a forest in Sector-54 in response to a petition filed by nearby RWAs of the sectors.

A villager, Shiva Kumar, said, “We only want green work on this plot and not a landfill just like it is in Ghazipur. Noida Authority should stop their work and think about us and future generation.”

Rajesh Singh, officer on special duty said that the Authority is developing a temporary pit which is five feet deep over a 9,000 square meter area to store the garbage. We will soon install a plant for remediation and then waste to energy plant.

According to a top official of Noida Authority, the remediation machine for garbage is yet to be purchased and it will be brought within 45 days. Till the time, the waste of the city will be dumped at the Sector-123 of the site. The city generates more than 650 ton of waste every day.

The nearby residents and villagers have called “Noida Bandh” on Friday. “On Friday, we will carry out the protest at different places of the city. People will protest outside government offices including the Noida Authority office,” said protesters.

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