Facebook post by local BJP leader evokes the anger of Noida netizens

By Avishek Dubey
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Jun 14, 2018

A Facebook post made by local BJP leader Sanjay Bali about the landfill site in Sector 123 has created a online backlash. The post, seen to be politicising the issue, was made in the context of a newspaper ad carried out by Noida Authority, justifying the selection of the controversial site. 

The post by Bali, who also represents union minister and local MP Mahesh Sharma, read: “Noida Authority gave complete information on solid waste management to Noida residents. Some people — who have nothing to do with Noida — are doing politics over garbage disposal. Today, through their message in the newspaper, the authority has shut their mouths, as it was their government in power when the waste management space was sanctioned in Sector 123. Those who are instigating people and sitting on protest with residents are doing [so] to play politics over the garbage issue. We are sure that Noida residents will show mirror to these people who are politising the issue. Noida Authority made it clear that dumping ground won’t be made there, people can find some other place to do politics. Let Noida be clean.”

The Noida Authority ad, which led to this post, said that the sanitary landfill site [SLF] was decided in the Master Plan 2021 in the year 2008, and also in the Master Plan 2031 in 2011. It further said: A public hearing, or junsunwayi, was also organised by Noida Authority on the subject, and there too, it was decided that the SLF would be built in Sector 123.

The ad further said: “People of the city think that this site will become like Ghazipur landfill, but we will install a remediation plant to treat the garbage. Strict environment monitoring will be done by the Authority.”

The post by Bali brought on the wrath of netizens, as he was clearly seen playing politics over an issue that has for long been a sore point with Noida residents.

A resident of Sector 121 wrote: “BJP is trying to save its side through this because the state and central government belongs to BJP, so they have the power to do anything. This post shows that how much BJP politicians are afraid that after this decision of landfill, their voters will not vote for them in 2019 elections. We are against this landfill and we will not support this.”

Here’s a look here at the tirade:

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