DM’s missive to NHAI: Provide better safety on Eastern Peripheral Expressway

By Avishek Dubey
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Posted: Jun 16, 2018

After the recent mishaps on the newly constructed Eastern Peripheral Expressway, the district magistrate of GB Nagar has written to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), expressing doubts about safety measures on the expressway.

Around 41 km of the expressway falls under the jurisdiction of GB Nagar.

In the letter, DM BN Singh, asked the NHAI to create a police post and police booths. The letter also mentioned the requirement of 10 barricades, 100 cones, automatic vehicle number plate reader and speed readers at several places on the expressway, and also a cut for the commuters.

He said, “There are many chances of mishap on the expressway; there’s not a single cut from Yamuna River till Sirsa in UP. We, thus, requested them to make a cut, so if mishaps happen, ambulance or police can reach the spot in time."

There have been thefts too, dearly costing the government —  solar panels, batteries, iron and underpass lights have been stolen from the expressway between Dasna and Kundli.

Unfortunately, the expressway is also becoming an escape point for criminals.

Owing to manpower shortage, GB Nagar has asked senior officials of Uttar Pradesh to increase the patrol on the expressway.

Recently, seven people were killed, while two others were injured in an accident on the peripheral expressway. An incident of abduction — wherein the miscreant kidnapped two businessmen from Mewat — was also reported. The kidnappers were trying to flee the district through the Eastern Peripheral Expressway.


The note from the DM


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