Photo: Avishek Dubey
Noida landfill issue: Residents get into altercation with SP outside DM office

Posted: Jun 17, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

In a protest against dumping of waste at landfill in Sector-123, many residents carried out a protest march from Gate No-4 of Noida Stadium to District Magistrate’s office in Sector-27. They wanted to submit a letter to DM which was to be forwarded to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

The residents had stated their concerns about dumping of waste at the landfill site at Sector-123. But, when they reached the DM office, they found that he was on leave. Then, they started shouting slogans against the government.

Following which, a team of police reached the spot to control the situation which further led to heated arguments between Superintendent of Police, Arun Kumar Singh, and the residents.

As the situation worsened, the City Magistrate came to the rescue of the situation. He pacified the situation and took the letter from the residents which were to be forwarded to the CM.

Meanwhile, the residents maintained that they will go to any extent to stop dumping of waste at the disputed landfill site.

The residents also said that while they were moving towards the DM office, they spotted vehicle of Union Minister and local MP, Dr Mahesh Sharma, whose driver took U-turn after seeing the protesters heading towards them.

A resident, Neelam, said, “When we bought the flat, the authority did not tell that in future a dump yard will be built in front of our house. If the government officials want to live with the dump yard then they should construct it in front of the official residences.”

Mahendra Kumar Singh, City Magistrate, told City Spidey that they cannot reverse the decision of National Green Tribunal (NGT) which gave the green signal to Noida Authority for making landfill or waste to energy plant in Sector-123. “Residents should go to court and take the stay order on it, we can’t help them on it,” he added.

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