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Noida landfill issue: Police release 111 persons after deposit of personal bonds

Posted: Jun 17, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

The Noida police on Sunday arrested 111 protesters including 80 men and 31 women under Section 151 for protesting and interrupting the construction work of landfill in Sector-123 in Noida. Later, they were released after furnishing personal bond of Rs 50,000 as a promise to maintain peace in future. They deposited personal bonds worth Rs 50,000 in the form of assets as well.

More than thousand people gathered at the Parthala Chowk to conduct the protest on Sunday.

Earlier on June 4, the police had arrested 45 people and sent 26 of them into the jail. Later, they were released from the jail they signed the promissory bond to maintain the peace.

As per the City Magistrate, Mahendra Kumar Singh, fresh batch of people were arrested on Sunday. It dis not include the persons who were arrested earlier.

A resident from Homes 121, Seema Sharma, said, “We can’t sit silently. The Noida Authority is going to create a hell-like situation for us. They started the construction work right in front of our flats. Government should stop this and the Authority should move this dump yard to another place,” She added.

Residents said that they expected BJP to do pro-people work but it is doing just the opposite. “Local representatives of Gautam Budh Nagar are also not with us. Other party people are here to do the politics but we only want clean air for breath,” residents said.

Police said that they got information on many residents trying to interrupt the construction work at the landfill. They said that teams from several sectors were immediately sent to the spot to control the situation.

Anil Yadav, spokesperson of Samajwadi Party told City Spidey that they were going to sit on the protest at the landfill site but the police stopped all the people including villagers and high rise residents. "It is the wrong decision taken by the Noida Authority to make the landfill or waste to energy plant in front of the houses of 5 lakh people. We want the Authority to roll back this decision," Yadav added.

“We requested them to vacate the location peacefully but they didn’t do it. Instead, they started hurling stones at us. Following which, we had to use our force. We also used water cannon for around three minutes in order to disperse the protesters,” said police said.

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Posted 8 months ago

NOIDA SP leaders say that they will support the protest against construction of LANDFILL. How stupid can they get? Do they have a solution to the problem of disposal of garbage? During their period when they were in power in UP, Why did they allow construction of housing establishments so close to the landfill?