Electrical safety norms a joke in Dwarka; people highly vulnerable to shocks

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Jun 20, 2018

People in Dwarka are highly vulnerable to electric shocks as naked wires, open fuse boxes and supply junctions can be spotted at the premises in the area. They are posing serious threats to the people at roads, parks and DDA’s residential and commercial buildings.

The residents said that all the authorities including the DDA, BSES and Municipal Corporation are ignorant about this problem. There are many places where these boxes have been placed at a very low height. Hence, people are more vulnerable to electric shocks.

“The fuse boxes are located at a very low height in Sector-12. What worsens the situation is that most of the fuse boxes are open with naked wires jutting out of it. Sometimes, it is also difficult to spot these wires as they are hidden due to the big grasses around it. Hence, pedestrians are highly vulnerable,” says Pankaj Sharma, a resident of Sector-12.

People highlighted the problem by mentioning some of the incidents which happened due to naked wires and boxes. The situation is also bad in parks of DDA and SDMC. At most of the parks, the electrical panels are open and wires are lying on the ground. Recently, a boy from Sector-3 got electric shocks from the wire hidden in bushes.

Similarly, in the DDA housing pockets which are under the jurisdiction of SDMC, the street poles are having open boxes. The supply junctions and the panels in the blocks which are under BSES are also in bad condition. Those panels and points are unlocked and in open state.

General Secretary of Radhika Apartments of Sector-14, Anupam Yashovardhan, said, “The electrical infrastructure is ill-maintained. SDMC and BSES should take it into concern. They should close the boxes and manage the supply junctions and points under the stairs.”

The condition of markets is worse as the electric panels and junctions are placed on the walls alongside the stairs. These wires and open boxes have caused several short circuit incidents and fire in the staircases of the markets.

Vishal Gupta, a shop owner at Sector-5 market, said, “The condition is serious and the department must act on that. We are frightened to use the stairs. Though no serious incidents have happened but it can cause fatality to anyone.”

The matter was raised many times during the meetings with the electrical department and other civic agencies. Some initiatives were also taken. But, nothing substantial was done in this direction and the condition is worsening day by day. In Sector-8, the situation is so alarming that the residents have covered the panels with plastic sheets or papers.

Ex-General Secretary of RWA of Sector-8, Arvinder Singh, said, “Not a single box is perfect. This situation is very bad in our sector. We have written several times but nothing has happened.”

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