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Greater Noida: People’s long wait for Ganga water may end soon

Posted: Jun 23, 2018     By Mukhram Singh

People’s long wait for Ganga water is going to end soon in Greater Noida. They will start getting Ganga water by the end of this year. A 210 MLD capacity water plant is almost ready and it will start supplying Ganga water in next 4 months.

The residents were not getting good quality drinking water for a long time. To ensure supply of good quality drinking water, the Greater Noida Authority had started Ganga water project. The project is now on the verge of its completion.

The officials said that Ganga water project is almost 75 per cent complete. Work is going on at the primary refinement plant in Gangnahar which is almost 75 per cent complete. The remaining work is expected to be completed soon.

For the supply of Ganga water project, overhead tanks and water pump houses have already been made. Ganga water will be supplied according to priorities at the residential and commercial areas. A total of 25 underground reservoirs (UGRs) have been made under the project.

The irrigation department’s work on pipeline from Ganga canal is under progress at the moment. The water will be directly transported from the treatment plant to reservoirs. Then, the water will be supplied to different areas in the city.

At present, the water is being supplied through tube wells. 40 tube wells and 11 overhead tankers are currently in use.

The General Manager, Rajiv Tyagi, who has been looking after the Ganga water project, said, “I am looking forward to complete the work as early as possible. I hope that the work will get complete by October. The supply of water will start afterwards.”

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