Dwarka: Voice against proposed cutting of 16k trees gets stronger day by day
Dwarka: Voice against proposed cutting of 16k trees gets stronger day by day
Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka: Voice against proposed cutting of 16k trees gets stronger day by day
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Dwarka: Voice against proposed cutting of 16k trees gets stronger day by day

The campaign to save trees is gaining momentum as many activists, NGOs and RWAs have thrown their weights behind it in Dwarka. They voluntarily came out to support the campaign as there were reports of plans about cutting of 16,000 full-grown trees to develop housing for government officials.

This campaign was started by the NGO Chetna which filed a petition in National Green Tribunal to save the trees from getting cut.  Many people have also taken to many social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to voice their opinions against the plans to cut trees.

Also, many NGOs have decided to go for joint petition to support NGO Chetna which pioneered the campaign to save trees.

President of Green Circle, an NGO working on environment in Dwarka, V Selvarajan said to City Spidey, “We wonder how the tree felling norms have been deviated. Green Circle is planning to join the petition filed by Chetna in NGT.”

Selvarajan said that the compensatory plantation of 1,35,000 tree saplings would not be as effective as the present trees as they are in full-grown state.

“The value of a 50 years old tree can't be compared to even 1,000 new tree saplings planted in terms of the comparable benefits. Being an NGO, we have seen a sapling takes at least 7 to 10 years to grow,” said Selvarajan.

Social activists and environment lovers have been discussing the subject on Whatsapp groups. RWAs have also decided to support the cause to save trees.

Anurag Bahal, a social worker from Sector-7, has started social media campaign to add more people to the campaign. He said, “In reference to the planned cutting of thousands of trees in South Delhi by NBCC, all like-minded individuals including RWAs, NGOs and environmentalists must come together and extend their support. I just have started spreading this on social media so that people could be sensitised to feel the crisis.”

An eminent environmentalist Vijay Dhasmana, said, “I think it is a very stupid idea to cut trees. Delhi is seeing unprecedented air pollution. The dust and pollution suddenly disappears when you go beyond Dharuhera. Large number of trees reduces pollution and maintains the air moisture. It also helps in keeping the temperature down.”

“Chopping the trees will have very adverse effect on the air quality and temperature in the area. Also, if you increase population density of the area by building more houses then you are encouraging more usage of resources which finally results in more pollution,” said Dhasmana.

President of NGO Chetna, Anil Sood, who filed a petition in NGT to save the trees from cutting informed City Spidey that a movement needs to be built to save those trees. He shared that events and activities like “Chipko Movement” would be organised to make the campaign more effective.

“We are going to organise a movement just like the “Chipko Movement” which was started by HN Bahuguna. Hundreds of people would participate in that event on Sunday to make the voice against cutting of trees stronger,” said Sood.