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Stuck in Traffic Jam? GPS-enabled police vehicles and Google Maps to the rescue!

Posted: Jun 23, 2018     By City Spidey

Newly appointed police commissioner, KK Rao, takes the lead in putting city’s traffic scourge to a rest via innovative means.

The police are in the process of developing a software that shall monitor the traffic on Google Maps and send automatic alerts regarding jams to police personnel manning GPS-installed motorcycles, jeeps and police control room (PCR) vans

According to KK Rao, the recently appointed city police commissioner, the software shall simultaneously monitor the traffics jams and locations of police vehicles on a single map and a message shall be automatically sent to the nearest police vehicle in the event of a jam.

The police is presently in talks with a company dealing in GPS installation in vehicles to develop the software. It is being hoped that the introduction of this new system shall largely resolve the problems related to traffic jams.

Rao said, “In the beginning we plan to run pilots mainly during peak commuting hours - from 8.30am to 10.30 am and from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm.”

The commissioner had issued directions regarding this on Friday and a meeting between him and the three assistant commissioners of police of the traffic department to discuss the project is slated for Saturday.

Earlier this week after being appointed as the commissioner, Rao had stated that his focus is on checking crime in the city and improving the traffic situation.

Going further, the Delhi police is also planning deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage a third of the city traffic. In order to this Delhi police shall be installing depth sensors to regulate traffic signals. It is hoped that the AI would result in remarkable decrease in the number of traffic personnel that need to be deployed.

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