Kherki-Daula toll plaza standoff: IDFC-led consortium offers financial proposal

By City Spidey
Photo: 99acres.com
Posted: Jun 25, 2018

The Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation (IDFC)-led consortium of bankers came up with a financial proposal to take care of the standoff over shifting or buying out of Kherki-Daula toll plaza in a meeting with a Haryana government committee on Monday.

The committee was constituted to find a solution to the standoff over shifting or buying out of Kherki-Daula toll plaza.

The committee heard about the proposal from the consortium. They decided to study the matter in detail before making the final decision.

An official informed that there will be another meeting next month. The recommendations to take action will be offered to the government afterwards.

“Right now, the situation is fluid. The proposal was discussed thoroughly. Primarily, the government wants to buy out the concessionaire but the decision has major financial implications. The basis and amount of share for the stakeholders has to be decided,” said the official on condition of anonymity.

However, NHAI officials were disappointed about not being called by Haryana government in the meeting.

A senior official said that it is highly unreasonable if the government expects NHAI to pay Rs 600 crore to the concessionaire. He added that the concessionaire has already been issued termination notice over non-performance.

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