Why Dwarka's Chanchal Samajpati is a sleepless man...

Posted: Jun 28, 2018     By City Spidey

Chanchal Samajpati owns a shop of food supplements in Dwarka's Sector 12 market, and he lives in fear. Yesterday, two unidentified men entered his shop and tried to loot him at gunpoint, while two more kept watch — and this is a repeat of what happened in February. But this time he resisted and they fled.

He filed an FIR at Dwarka North Police station, and, this time, circulated a message and a video clip of the incident on various WhatsApp groups.

“The incident yesterday has left me feeling very scared — it was a repeat of what happened on February 18, when they made away with about Rs 2.5 lakh, but yesterday I resisted. Last time, I was tied up, but this time, I caught hold of the gun of one of the miscreants and started making noise. This was so unexpected that they fled,” recounts Samajpati.

He is also certain that both the incidents are connected. He says, “Last time too there were four people — three entered the shop and one remained at the shutter. This time, two were on guard outside and two entered the shop.”

"The crime rate is clearly on the rise in Dwarka, and such incidents are happening in broad daylight,” complains Samajpati.

Samajpati was not happy with the approach of the police, as they seem lax. “When I filed an FIR about yesterday’s incident, the police told me that one of my two cell phones looted in February was tracked and a person with that cell phone was arrested. But that's all.”

Shop owners in the market are alarmed as well, and feel the DDA should install CCTV cameras in the market in view of the rising incidents of crime.

Samajpati agrees to say, "This market has no CCTV camera — there should be! Fortunately, there’s footage from the CCTV camera in my shop. Last time, they had taken away the drive, so no footage was available.”


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