Delhi: Vegetable prices suddenly surge; expected to further go up in coming days

By Praveen Dwivedi
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Posted: Jun 28, 2018

The prices of vegetables have suddenly surged in the national capital in last 2-3 days. The wholesale traders in Azadpur market said that the prices of green vegetables are likely to increase more in the coming days due to the shortage of supply from neighbouring states.

There has been a sharp surge in the prices of vegetables such as tomatoes, green beans, peas and bottle gourds. For instance, tomatoes which were sold at Rs 20-25 per kg in retail markets till last Sunday have now being sold at Rs 60-65 across Delhi-NCR

Prices of onions in retail markets have risen from Rs 30 per kg to Rs 40-45 per kg while potato prices have risen to Rs 30 per kg from Rs 20 per kg earlier.

Prices of other vegetables available in the retail markets have also seen a sharp increase. These include beans (from Rs 30 per kg to Rs 60 per kg) and cucumber (Rs 30-35 per kg to Rs 50-60 per kg).

Prices of cauliflowers have gone up to Rs 45-50 per kg from its earlier price of Rs 20-25 per kg. Prices of almost all vegetables have risen in last few days.

Wholesale vendors in Ghazipur market in East Delhi said that prices of vegetables usually go up in July-August but this sudden surge from Rs 20 to up to Rs 50 and Rs 60 of most vegetables have come due to cartelisation by wholesale vegetable traders.

A market expert on condition of anonymity said, “There is neither shortage of supply nor any urgent reason for a steep rise in the prices. Vegetable prices normally go up during monsoon in three months - July, August and September. But, prices have gone up before monsoon this time.”

He also added, “There is a huge difference between wholesale and retail prices. The game of increasing price is being played mainly due to cartelisation of vendors and wholesale vegetable suppliers of Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC).

However, the officials of Azadpur Market Corporation talking to City Spidey denied the possibility of reduced vegetable supply by wholesale suppliers. The officials instead said that reason behind a sudden surge of vegetable prices was the shortage of its supply from neighbouring states - Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

“These days the huge quantity of tomato is being supplied from Karnataka, Maharashtra and other states. Hence, transportation charges have gone up. When the same vegetables are transported from neighbouring states - Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, their transportation charge is less in comparison to other states. Prices of potatoes have also increased marginally because most of them come from UP,” Sushil Kumar, an official in Azadpur Market Corporation said.

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Posted 11 months ago

Reasons given are not convincing enough. Earlier also vegetables have been coming from these sources.