Burari deaths: Ailing dog recuperates at animal shelter in Noida

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jul 04, 2018

The pet dog, which was found chained in a house where bodies of 11 members of a family were found hanging in North Delhi’s Burari area, is recuperating in a animal shelter in Noida. The doctor who has been giving medical aid said health condition of dog has been recovered up to 70 per cent and it will fully recover in two-three days.

The dog, name Tommy, an Indian pitbull mix breed of black colour, was found chained with a iron grill on third floor of the building (the grill on which 9 out of 11 bodies were found hanging on second floor of building).

Sanjay Mahapatra, a Noida based animal activist who rescued Tommy and is providing it medical treatment in his own animal shelter in Sector-55 in Noida told City Spidey that Tommy had high fever when he was rescued.

“Temperature of a healthy dog’s body usually ranges between 101 to 102 degrees but Tommy’s body temperature was above 108 degrees. When we reached for rescue, it was barking furiously. It was completely shocked and behaved in a way that it would attack on us. Somehow, we managed to make it calm down and finally rescued,” Sanjay said.

Replying on how the dog reached to the shelter in Noida, Sanjay said that he came to know about the mysterious death of 11 persons of a family through news on Sunday morning.

“I saw the dog on a news channel. It was hardly 2-3 seconds’ clip and immediately I thought of rescuing it. I contacted one of the investigative officers at Burari police station and requested him to handover the dog to me for treatment. After one and half hours, police officials called me back and allowed me to take it away with me on certain conditions,” Sanjay added.

When City Spidey visited animal shelter, the dog looked calm and cool and was having meal. A doctor who was treating the dog said, a lot of changes have come on his behavior and he is still scared.

“We are trying our best to make him feel better, giving him love therapy along with medicines. We also take him out for a walk in morning and evening so that he can become familiar with the area. For a dog whether it is pet or stray, the life they live is very important.”

The doctor also told that the physical condition of the dog was an indication that he was not properly taken care off. Apart from high fever, the dog had infection on his skin and was not as healthy as he used to be at this age. According to him, the dog is 6 to 7 year old.

“We gave him an icepack to normalise the fever and then provided medicines and food,” Sanjay said.

City Spidey also spoke to the police official, who was one of the investigators in the mass-suicide or mass suicide-murder case, to know on what condition the dog was handed over to the animal activist?

The official who requested not to be named said, “We have allowed the custody of the dog for treatment with some conditions. Once the dog is recuperated, it would be sent to Sanjay Gandhi Animal Hospital.”

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