Photo: Samrat Roy
Greater Noida: Woman suffers fractures after lift falls in Gaur Saundaryam

Posted: Jul 04, 2018     By Praveen Dwivedi

Using a lift in Westeria tower of Gaur Saundaryam Society near Gaur City in Greater Noida turned out a nightmare for two women on Tuesday.

One of the two women got injured with multiple fractures after the lift suddenly fell from 14th floor to 7th floor.

As per the information, the incident happened at around 21:30 pm on Tuesday. The woman, who was injured, lived in the same tower on 9th floor and was going down for some work. Another woman who boarded the lift from the same floor had a narrow escape.

“After hearing big sound of lift fall, we rushed to the seventh floor of the building where the lift was stuck. We tried to open the lift’s gate but could not succeed. Then, we informed the maintenance department of the society. Finally, the lift got open and we saw women lying on the floor of the lift,” said a resident after requesting not to be named.

Another resident informed that the injured woman was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was treated for injuries on her legs. It was informed that she had received three fractures in her legs.

The incident triggered fear among the residents of the society and they blamed the builder for negligent approach.

“We are paying a hefty amount as maintenance charges but getting no facility. Instead, we are continuously harassed by the builder. The security inside the society is also a reason to worry for us,” said another resident of the society.

City Spidey tried to contact the woman who received injuries from the incident but she did not respond. However, a resident said, “The issue has been sorted out amicably and we do not want to speak more on it.”

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